Pre School: Getting ready for reception.

image-12-09-2016-at-15-03By the time your child reaches the first term after their 3rd Birthday, they enter the Pre-School room. By this stage they will be mainly independent in terms of hygiene and eating and will have probably (though not compulsorily) dropped their afternoon nap.

The Pre-School environment is all about discovery. Spread out over distinct areas with individual work stations so that children are able to select and support their own learning through choices, and having free flow to the outside area, the Pre-School is led by our Graduate Practitioner Alex and the Lovely Sophie (Nursery practitioner, Level 3.

The Pre-School environment is all about developing autonomy, independence and a desire to find things out.  At the core of this curriculum is personal social and health education; communication and language as well as physical development. These are the areas of the curriculum that are key to getting the children ready to learn in a school environment.

Children have their own Key Carer and are planned for on an individual basis and parents receive updates on their child’s progress every half term.

There is is an amazing team who work incredibly hard to provide your children with the opportunity to explore their environment and express themselves creatively.