Forest School Training Day Four.

Another early start to the day meeting at Hicks Lodge. Today we have looked at the safe use of tools. And more importantly cooking a meal for the group. 

It is really amazing to see how a group of people with very different backgrounds and levels of experience when it comes to the outdoors have come together in such a short space of time. 

The Forest is a great leveller. It allows everybody the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. It gives people the opportunity to demonstrate Their own strengths but at the same time takes others out of their comfort zone and allows them to learn new skills in a way in which a classroom can’t. 

Today people have made stools and wooden pigs, rope ways and swings, all safely for children to use and play with. From scratch using resources found in the woods and the skills they have learned. 

We have been shown how to make bread and have cooked our own three course meal. We have all experienced the successes and confidence boost that this approach to learning can bring to every one.