Forest school Training. Day one.

A big thank you Dave Churchward, our Forest School tutor and general action man. Today has been spent learning about our woodland, from different types of trees, to the structure of the forest A lot of book learning and admin and then out into the forest in the pouring rain where I found one of these frogs!

What today has really been about is the need for clear thinking about minimising risk to children and how we do that in a systematic way so that they can understand and access activities we might shy away from. On top of that there has been an afternoon of practical work with bow saws and loppers as well as time for reflection on how children learn and how we build up their resilience by setting them up to succeed by concentrating on small processes rather than outcomes. 

I made a star out of lopped beech and coasters out of sawed birch. Both activities that we can replicate with the children. 

What is clear is that the forest schools holistic approach to children’s learning is something we can all benefit from. I have ended the day tired but very pleased to be involved. The process will last until June. There is much reading and work to be done however I have to say that I am really enjoying it. 

Tonight’s essential reading is on knots, fire lighting, fire safety and forest management. I just hope my matches didn’t get too soggy in all this rain! The weather will be better tomorrow