What do we plan for?

Planning in the nursery is very important. When you have a group of children to look after for a few hours you need to plan exactly what you want them to do. At Danesmoor House Day Nursery we don’t plan the activity, our practitioners start with the stage of development that your child is at and then plans how they are going to move them on to that all important next step or revisiting a skill until they really have mastered it. This means that the team are focused on what they can do to make a difference to your child, not the production of 5 flower paintings in one morning.

It is easy to focus on the activity and let the nursery environment become like a small factory in which artwork can be produced. At Danesmoor House Day Nursery our staff are focused on how they can make a difference to your child’s day by observing, supporting, and nurturing in an environment that allows your child to develop naturally, developing and deepening skills and understanding rather than rushing to the next activity on the tick list.


The Indoor Garden

The Indoor Garden becomes a role play area, a counting area, a teaching tool for recognising shapes and names of vegetables or a starting point for the story of “Stone Soup” or “The Incredibly Large Turnip”. Your child has the opportunity to have a variety of learning opportunities explored and supported by our team, and has not simply been given a single activity to complete.