National Day Nursery Association Inspection.

On the 10th of July we received an inspection visit from the National Day Nursery Association, our professional body. The NDNA exists to support settings and to raise standards across the sector by providing training and inspections to members.
Our inspector was Jo Gray, a qualified OFSTED inspector with three outstanding nurseries of her own, so her credentials speak for themselves. The inspection was carried out in the same way that an OFSTED inspection is and to the same standards.
The team were not pre warned and the report reflects a normal day at the setting.
Here are some of the highlights.

-The learning and development requirements are met within a child entered setting.

-The pre school room is well ordered and good use of the outdoor area means that there is a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

-Children happily engage in activities of their own choice, and take part in group activities led by adults.

-A whole group visitor took place during the visit and children remained focused throughout.

-Children can access all equipment.

-Units are labelled with pictures and words to help their independent choices.

-There is a large outdoor area that is used well by the children.

-The SENCO has good links with other agencies and is working well to support children’s transitions into schools.

-There are detailed IEPs in place to ensure stimulating activities are planned for children.

-Transitions in the setting are well managed.

-All children were seen to be making good progress.

-Use of an electronic assessment tool is helping to include parents in children’s planning and assessment.

-Partnership with parents is strong and they report that they feel very included and welcomed at the nursery and in their children’s learning.

We would like to thank the team, and the children for helping us share our practice with the inspector, as well as thanking Jo herself for the time that she spent with us going through all our policies, procedures and practices with such rigour.

The highlight of the day for me was that Jo was expecting to find the older pre school children a bit bored but commented on the fact that despite the busy nature of the setting she could clearly see even in the last week of term, that the team was still providing stimulating and challenging activities for all the children. She was also very impressed by the good behaviour of the children.