Tracking the progress.


The new tracking tool is now up and running. The tracking tool has been created by our local authority and will enable your child’s key carer to track the progress that they make as they move through the setting.
Children are given a baseline assessment in the first six weeks of attending the setting and the tool will be updated every half term so that we can make sure every one is making good progress. When the baseline assessment is completed we will invite you in for a brief chat about how your child is settling in and how you as a parent are getting on with our nursery routines.

The tracking of children’s development is a crucial part of what we do. It enables your child’s key carer to plan for you child’s needs and preferences, as well as giving us an indication of if they need a little bit of help or encouragement to bring them on. As parents your input is vital as no one knows your child better than you.

All the information that we record is eventually sent on to your child’s school so that they know who they are due to meet in the September term and they can start preparing their planning. The tool has been created by the local authority in conjunction with nurseries and schools and is a good example of how the local authority work in partnership with us.

The parental discussion is our way of giving you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. It allows us to share information in a more detailed way than a diary sheet or a conversation at the end of the day. The team are really looking forward to speaking to you about the activities and opportunities your child has here at Danesmoor House.

You will be asked to come an appointment soon with your child’s key carer, we look forward to having the opportunity to share all the wonderful opportunities that your child has here at Danesmoor House Day Nursery.