Seasonal adjustments.

We fired up the heating this morning as there was a distinct chill in the air. Autumn is upon us and I can’t help but think about natural rhythms. All children like to know where they are in relation to other things. Not just the old question of are we there yet, but also when will it be?
Recognising this the pre school team have got the children to make a calendar for the pre school wall.


The calendar obviously contains the children’s pictures, but also their attempts at writing. Although we do not formally teach children to write at this stage in their development, what we do want to do is to promote the understanding that writing is a form of communication. The written word is encountered in stories and signs and on our diary sheet, but also can be used by the children themselves. So by encouraging children to have a go we allow them to practice and also develop the understanding that learning to write is something that’s going to be useful and fun at the same time. opportunities to write, come in activities like the calendar but also in role play and contributing to our floor books

We all like to learn, but if we know why a skill is useful or important it makes you more motivated to learn. You could look at the calendar and say its a pretty display, or you could look at it as the first steps to communicating a complex idea through writing and pictures. Either way the children have done a fantastic job.