I like it, but is it art?

We put them on the fridge we say we think they are amazing, but what does it all really mean, and why do they do so many paintings at nursery?


The staff at Danesmoor House Day Nursery are not simply trying to influence your decor, they are giving your child the opportunity to experience colours and textures as well as giving them the opportunity to communicate with an adult and their peers about that experience.


It is by asking your child simple questions about their artwork such as what colours did you use? What did the paint feel like? How did you feel when you finished? That we can help them extend their communication skills, confidence, and their emotional intelligence.


These skills are the first steps to your child becoming an active and resilient learner. Best of all is that everyone can reinforce this at home. Next time you get given a masterpiece to grace your fridge, after you have given those all important words of praise, ask a few more questions about the painting and you will be really boosting the work done during the day by giving your child the chance to reflect on the processes they have taken part in.