Field trip announcement.

Always ready to listen to the views of our children when asked where they wanted to go and visit, a popular response was, to the moon. Taking this on board Linda sprang into action and has started to build a space rocket.


With a little help from our friends the casing on the rocket is complete. Linda is fairly sure the tin foil will protect us on re-entry. We now need to build our nose cone. If any one has any ideas where we can get a very large piece of card from to do this or any other material that might help, all suggestions will be gratefully received.

There is still a lot to do. Computer panels need to be constructed and stylish fins need to be added to give it that futuristic feel, but I am sure that the children will add all the finishing touches required. We will of course be asking for parental consent forms to be signed before we go and ask for a voluntary contribution of £1million. It hasn’t cost a great deal to build the rocket, but we are quite concerned about the fuel bill!