A new home.

We have arrived at our new home at last. Linda and the girls were in early this morning, making sure everything was ready. We already feel very at home here at Danesmoor House.


The children in pre school have been making the most of the sudden appearance of large cardboard boxes to play in. The home corner shop today became an ice cream shop. I will sell the ice creams you can be the customer was the cry.


The new baby room was a very busy place today. When I went in at 11.30 all was still as the children had played so hard they had fallen asleep. But what better place to do it.


The toddlers have had a great day exploring their new home. Some of the children decided to get creative and make a collage today. And the best news of all, it all starts afresh tomorrow when there will be new adventures to have at Danesmoor House.