A Bear and his Boy.

Danesmoor House was always top of our list of where to place a new children’s day nursery in Darlington. For Claire and me it evoked memories of childhood stories such as The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Secret Garden and the towering cedar trees in the grounds put us in mind of E H Sheperd’s illustrations of the hundred acre wood in A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh.

We wanted our logo to reflect these memories and feelings in a way that would appeal to children and resonate with adults, so we enlisted the help of Liz Million a local children’s illustrator. Liz listened to our often vague ideas about childhood and the type of place we felt Danesmoor House was, and went away to produce some initial drawings.

Liz produced so many different ideas it was difficult to choose a single one, so we took all the things we loved from her sketches and we were left with a Bear and his Boy with Danesmoor House as a backdrop. This represented to us childhood imagination and companionship in warm safe and secure place.

Here are the preliminary sketches Liz did for us, we hope that you enjoy sharing our creative journey, the original artwork is on display at Danesmoor House.

If you want to see more of Liz’s work, go to